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Christmas Lighting Ideas for Your Home and Outdoor

Christmas Lighting Ideas for Your Home and Outdoor

Christmas is just round the corner, so make sure you make a great impression on Santa (and your friends) when he is in the neighborhood. 

Decorating the home for the holiday season can be fun, but if you want to take your Christmas decor up a notch, do things a little differently this year.

Here are some cool Christmas lighting ideas that will blow away Father Christmas and your friends.

Christmas Tree Light Decoration Ideas

  • Decorate with string lights

Get lit with string lights! They are just perfect for home decor. And the best part? You can do use them in several different ways.

  • Encircle the Christmas Tree with Lights Horizontally

Encircling the string lights horizontally around the tree is one of the coolest Christmas light decoration ideas. Starting from the bottom of the tree, wrap the lights around it. This lighting strategy best works with a full tree and rope lights.

But don’t lose heart if you do not have a full tree. Instead of encircling the tree with lights, consider wrapping individual braches. While this method requires a little more effort, the effect could be quite dazzling.

  • Hang the lights vertically

You can hang LED lights the same way as ornaments. For best effect, let each strand slope down from your Christmas tree and tuck in the ends under the lowest branches.

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

  • Frame the Front Door

One of the best Christmas light ideas for house is to hang a garland with string lights wrapped around it above the front door. And if you want to add more curb appeal, then place a small LED Christmas tree on each side.  

  • Decorate the Roof

Want to make your outdoor Christmas lighting even prettier? Consider adding outdoor decorative lights just below the overhang above the front entrance.

  • Brighten Up Your Balcony

Contrary to what many think, LED bulbs can be used to make spruce up your balcony and make your home look line one jolly holiday destination. Perhaps the best way to use them outdoors is to put them in hanging lanterns. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one which goes with your home’s overall holiday look. If you don’t want to use lanterns, use fancy round LED light bulbs in your balcony.  

  • Lighten Up the Windows

This holiday season lighten up your windows in style using dimmable LED light bulbs. Another option is to use Christmas rope lights, available in different colours and shapes.

  • Light the Palm Trees

Does your front lawn have palm trees? Wrap white lights around their trunks to give a tropical Christmas look and feel to your house. For a more dazzling effect, place reindeer of various sizes in the yard and tie a red bow on each.

  • Decorate the Outdoor Seating Area

If you have seating area adjacent to the Christmas tree, decorate it in style using string lights.

  • Light the Backyard

If you have spacious backyard with a pool, drape it with rows of string lights in such a way that the lights are reflected in the pool water. This will set the tone for your outdoor Christmas party.

  • Decorate with LED Multicolour Ball Lights

If you want the freedom to hang ball lights anywhere in your front yard without using any extension cords or outlets, go for LED multicolour ball lights. They come with a remote, which makes operating them easy-peasy. They also usually include a timer function and different effect modes, so you can easily create the desirable holiday mood.

Indoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

  • Make Christmas Trees with Lights

Have limited indoor space? Don’t worry. You can create your own magical LED string light tree to give your indoor space a holiday look. If you are not sure about your creative powers, use a ready-made design, instead.

But if you absolutely want to put a traditional Christmas tree in a tight-spaced living room, opt for a small tree and drape it with small LED light bulbs. You may also use string lights if you want.  

  • Light Up the Window Area

Add a touch of Christmas decor to your windows by lighting them from inside using vintage LED bulbs. While you are at it, don’t forget to put a mini lit tree or a small sophisticated wreath or illuminated figures in the window area.

  • Decorate Dining Table with Candle Light and Pendant Light

 Want to create an amazing Christian table decor? Pendant lighting and candle LED light bulbs is the way to go.

  •  Decorate Kitchen with Pendant Light

 Pendant lights can work exceedingly well in the kitchen during the holiday season and otherwise, especially if they have the dimming functionality. 

  • Hang lights on the walls

 If you are using rope lights outdoor, why not do the same indoor? This is an easy and a fun way to synchronize the outdoor and indoor look. Vintage LED light bulbs can give your indoor space a festive air without much effort. 

  • Decorate the ceiling with string strip light

 The other option for creating a mystical and holiday vibe inside your home is to decorate the entire ceiling using string strip light. 

  • Mystify your home with LED Christmas Light

 Use multiple coloured LED light bulbs to create a vibrant indoor look. Not only these bulbs will give out a vibrant glow to the indoor space but they will also enhance the Christmas decorations. 


 Light up your home in style this season with these excellent Christmas light ideas. Just remember to use LED lights, as they are not only more durable than traditional bulbs but also way more environmentally-friendly.