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New Year Light Decoration Ideas

New Year Light Decoration Ideas

Planning to host a party to ring in the New Year? Check out our ideas for New Year lighting decorations. From lighting up your garden area and illuminating the path to the front door to using modern pendant lights in the living area and wrapping the staircase with string lights, these tips will make this year’s celebration one to remember.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

If you want great kerb appeal, pay attention to outdoor lighting. You can make your beautiful front yard and landscaping look spectacular after dark with these amazing New Year lighting decorations.

Decorate the garden area with string light

Want to turn your garden area into a cozy oasis this holiday season? String lights are the way to go.

You can opt for string lights that are battery-operated or traditional festoon lights, but in the latter case you may need extension cords in case an electrical outlet is not within reach.

Strings lights come in different styles and lengths. While buying, two things must be considered.

  • Length – You should have enough string lights to cover the entire garden area. The simplest way to understand how many strands you are going to need is by stringing a piece of yarn around the garden area. For small areas, a single strand of festoon lights may suffice.
  • Style – From woven lanterns to clear bulbs and small tan-can lights, string lights come in all styles. Shop around to find a style that is perfect for your garden space.

Decorate garden boundaries with LED bulbs

Don’t have a backyard with clear boundaries? No problem. You can create one with the help of vintage LED bulbs. Simply stretch a string of LED bulbs across the corners of your house to create an amazing holiday atmosphere and give your outdoor meal area the look and feel of al fresco restaurant. Believe us, garden lighting ideas don’t come better than this one!

Decorate path with colourful bulbs

If you are serious about decorating your house for the holiday season, there is no way you can afford to not light the path to your front door. After all, that is what is going to the set the tone for all other New Year’s decorations. The easiest way to light up the front path is using coloured LED bulbs. They give out a vibrant, steady glow that is just perfect for the holiday mood.

Light Roof with Classic Lights

Nothing looks more elegant than a roof lined with classic lights during the holiday season. If you have a pitched roof, there is all the more reason to light it up because that is going to create an attractive look against the night’s backdrop.

Lighten up Your Balcony, Windows, and Doors

Consider hanging a garland with attractive string nicely wrapped around it above your front door this holiday season. You can also place a small LED-lit Christmas trees on either side for better kerb appeal. For windows and balconies, consider using fancy round LED light bulbs to create a holiday look and feel.

Create Pillars of Bright Light

Does your front yard include tall trees and? This tip is just for you. Wrap their trunks with LED light bulbs to make them look like pillars. So simple, yet so clever—isn’t so?

Vintage Black Wall Lantern

If you have vintage black wall lanterns in your front yard, this year light them up in style with vintage LED light bulbs.  

Indoor Lighting Ideas

Decorating your outdoors for the New Year is not enough. It is equally important to light up the indoor space. Here are our top 4 indoor lighting ideas to get your home looking great this holiday season. 

Decorate Living Room with Warm Light

A living area space should feel comfortable and enveloped. Your living area is a cozy place, so it is important the lighting you use create warmth. What better way to do this than use warm white LED light bulbs.

Decorate Kitchen with Pendant Light

Modern pendant lights having over your kitchen island can be an absolute eye-catcher.  Apart from looking stunning, such an arrangement can adequately lit the kitchen island and surrounding areas.

Decorate Dining Area with Candle Lights

Nothing brings out classic glamour to an indoor space better than a stunning chandelier. Imagine your guests arriving for the New Year party and upon entering immediately looks up at the beautifully chandelier suspended from the living room ceiling. A great way to start the get-together on a classy note—isn’t so? Consider using ultra-warm white LED light bulbs to create the best effect. 

Decorate Staircase with String Lights

While you are decorating the indoor space, do not forget the staircase. Give it a face life by wrapping shiny string lights around it.


For this New Year’s celebration, go all out with glamorous, stunning decor. Whether you want a big end-of-the year bash or an intimate gathering, these tips for New Year lighting decorations will allow you welcome 2023 in style.