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Bluetooth-controlled Intelligent LED Light System Released

Smart Home Labs, one of many upcoming LED lighting system developers in the United States, recently introduced their new RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system, featuring technology that enables users to control their lights using their computer, tablets and smartphones over a Bluetooth Smart wireless connection. The system is not yet available in the market, but interested parties can pre-order on IndieGoGo.

This Bluetooth Smart light bulb not only offers easy to control features, it’s also efficient and uses less power compared to other lighting systems. Proprietary apps can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS phones. The one of a kind combination of Bluetooth and LED technology gives users full control when customising their lighting system, allowing them to control their lights in a technologically forward manner.

Using the company’s self-made RoboSmartTM technology, users can control proximity modes, timer functionality and brightness. RoboSmart Light Bulbs uses Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy as a wireless connector to the memory, real time clock, and board processor of the system. Installing the system is as simple as screwing a bulb in and downloading the App on the mobile device.

You can easily program the system’s timer and let its processor do all the rest of the work. Set the time on off and on periods, proximity detection and scene lighting. Place the bulbs in multiple locations within the house and you can control when the light in the area will switch on. Investing in the light system practically pays for itself through energy savings. You can save hundreds of dollars on your power bill within a span of a few months. Switching to LED lighting definitely helps lessen your power consumption and the environment.