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Stage Lighting – How to Help Create the Mood

Stage Lighting – How to Help Create the Mood

Stage lighting is probably one of the most important parts of a production. Whether it’s a play or a concert, the lights add a whole different dimension and feel to the stage that could emotionally affect the audience. Here are a few tips on how you can help set the mood with the lighting. 

Direction and Sound Works Together Stage lighting is not all about making the performers visible, it adds drama to what’s going on. In fact, the biggest production is incomplete without a light director. They usually work together with the sound man and synchronize the sound to make one amazing show. It’s best to plan out how the sound and lights of the show go before it actually starts so start planning. 

Add Color Color works like a light. it can also affect the mood and feel of the set, so adding a bit of colour will not only make the stage look nice, it’s going to boost up the feeling that you’re trying to project to the audience. There are a number for coloured bulbs like LED light bulbs if you need a primary colour for the stage. There are even films that you can place above the lights to produce the colour that you need. 

Placement Matters Where you place the lights also changes the mood and look for the scene. Different placements also create different shadows that you can play with and get creative. Some would even use these shadows as props to the production. Don’t be afraid to move the lights around to see where they look the best and how they can change the stage’s look. 

Different Bulbs have Different Lights Light output is affected by the type of bulbs in use. Newer types of bulbs like LEDs are brighter and produce a clear and crisp light. Tungsten lights, which is the most common type of fixtures used in stages, has a yellowish colour on them. Light could affect how you want the stage to look so keep this in mind when choosing fixtures. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.