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DRE Medical Equipment Releases LED-powered Exam Light

As proof of the versatility of LEDs, one company recently released an LED light with a very specific purpose: to serve as a medical exam light. DRE Medical Equipment, a company that specializes in supplying medical, healthcare and hospital equipment, recently unveiled a new LED version of the DRE Vista Exam Light, a product warmly received by the medical sector.

What’s new with the LED version DRE Vista Exam Light, you might ask?

How about the best colour temperature and lowest heat signatures in any lights of its class?

The DRE Vista LED diagnostic light boasts of being highly maneuverable, compact and having the capability of generating a generous flood pattern. The LED diagnostic light comes in a number of configurations, including a Portable system,

Single Ceiling mount, Single Wall mount and Dual Ceiling mount. According to representatives from DRE, LED lights were the natural choice as an upgrade to their Vista Exam Light. Praised for being green and environmentally friendly, LED lights to use up to 50 per cent less energy than conventional halogen lights, which the company used in the previous version of its DRE Vista Exam Light.

More importantly, LEDs last much longer than halogens, with a lifespan exceeding 25,000 hours, which far exceed the meagre lifespan of halogen lights, normally rated at 1000 to 2000 hours. As far as quality is concerned, LEDs generate a whiter light than that generated by a halogen bulb.

To achieve the white light desired by medical practitioners, halogens have to be coated with filters and layers. DRE also highlighted the fact that the greatest source of excess heat inside an operating room comes from surgical lights, whose halogens are just as bad as incandescent lights when it comes to heat generation. LED lights, however, practically solve this problem with their low heat signatures.