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Lighting Ideas for Study Rooms and Home Offices

Whether your study room is a lively space of discussion or a private treat for concentration, lighting is often what makes the difference between a great looking and feeling room, and what that looks and feels drab. Most people make the mistake of installing two or three light bulbs, thinking that’s enough, only to find themselves struggling and straining to read, study, and work. Below are some factors to consider when illuminating your study room or office. 

Bring attention to your library or book collection Even in today’s digital world, there’s still something impressive about maintaining a collection of books in a library. Libraries are often the product of several years of collecting books, so why not bring people’s attention here? You can install a row of LED track lights above the shelf so that light falls upon it. These lights also make it easier to search for books you need. 

Prioritize task lighting Your study room or home office is a place of work, so make sure it’s well lit with task lights. The room itself may have ample general lighting, but you also need lights for specific areas of the room, such as your work desk, your computer, your corner table, shelves, and whatnot. Stick to something classic or contemporary (depending on your décor) to ensure your lights and light fixtures blend in with the room. 

Hang a chandelier Chandeliers are a classic light fixture that goes well with any theme or interior design. They come in all sorts of styles and designs, allowing for enough flexibility with your study room’s look. Just be sure to choose an appropriately-sized chandelier—one that’s the right size for your room’s total are and ceiling height.

For more tips and tricks on how to light your study room, call the LiquidLEDs customer support team!