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Using LED Bulbs For Home Photography Studio

Using LED Bulbs For Home Photography Studio

It doesn’t really take expensive lighting to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for photography. Strobe lights and those really complicated studio lighting can cause thousands of dollars, but if you're still starting to set up your photography studio, this can be a really big and expensive investment.

Thankfully, there are a few alternatives that can give you great lighting for studio shots without the really expensive price tag. You’ll just need a few LED bulbs and some lighting tools and equipment. 

Buying the Bulb LED lights to cost less than fifty dollars at a hardware store. Get one that’s big and bright enough. Don’t worry if it looks like it’s too bright, you can adjust the brightness with a dimmer that you can get for a little over twenty dollars. Choose from cool and warm tones since this can greatly affect your photos. Also, you can even get LED lights in different colours for those creative and dramatic shots. Buy a couple of different lights and play around with them.


Mount it Properly It’s important that you place the light on a stand or mount that can keep it steady, but it also needs to be flexible enough that you won’t have any problems moving it around or changing the angle to get the shot you want. You can use a floor stand with an umbrella holder with a regular socket. If you want to place the light on a higher level, you can use a lamp with a clip so you can easily clip it in place. 

Use a Diffuser Pointing LED light bulbs on your subjects can make it look too harsh without a diffuser. It’s always good to place these to make sure the light is softer and more level on the subject. You can actually make your own diffusers with white tissue paper and cardboard.

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