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Fish Pond Lighting Tips

Pond lights, especially if there are fish in the pond, might sound difficult to maintain, but once you figure out the important details, everything will be a breeze. You can’t just use regular light bulbs for your ponds.

There are special underwater and outdoor bulbs that you can use and these are available at most garden and landscaping stores.

Below are a few tips to help you manage your pond lights a bit better. 

LED Bulbs are Good Options You’ve probably heard of this energy friendly bulbs on the news. They really do work wonders and they help save you a lot of money when it comes to lighting. These bulbs have outdoor friendly and submersible versions perfect for your pond and garden.

Like most light bulbs, they also come in all shapes and sizes. You can also get them in different colours, hues, and even beams. They are considerably more expensive compared to other bulbs, but they’re a great investment, especially for outdoor lighting

Low Maintenance is Key If the brand of the bulbs you’re currently using needs to be changed every other month switch to something else. It’s a real hassle having to constantly change your light bulbs, especially since you’re dealing with underwater bulbs.

It’s also going to bother the fish if you have to dive in to change them frequently. Choose bulbs that can really take the toll of wear and tear, the elements and water. 

Don’t Forget Style Design is also important. The lights on your pond also need to make it look good, so don’t skimp on the aesthetics. Be creative and try out different colours and beams.

Some lighting systems would even let you input a light pattern that changes the light’s colour or lets it blink on and off for an interesting light show.

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