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Simple Tips to Save Power

These days, everyone is getting more concerned about saving as much power as they can and going green. It has become a global concern and many of us are pitching in to do what we can to conserve more and useless. A number of experts would advise people to save energy by going solar. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to do that, but that shouldn’t stop us from saving power. Here are a few simple tips on how we can save power at home. 

Use LEDs More countries and cities are promoting energy friendly bulbs as replacements for regular incandescent bulbs. You can find hundreds of types of power-friendly bulbs at any hardware store or home improvement shop. LED light bulbs are the way to go since they use the least amount of power and they last the longest amongst the bulbs in the market. You’ll only be changing the light bulbs and they’re compatible with most bases, so you don’t need to spend on changing the whole lighting system. 

Turn the lights off When you’re not using it, make it a point to turn the lights off. It might sound like a small thing but you can actually save a lot of power by making sure the lights are off when they’re not being used. If you want to worry less about turning the lights on and off, the best thing to do is to install a sensor. These turn the light off of you automatically and are very useful for outdoor lighting. Most light bulbs have compatible sensors, even LEDs, and you can get them at the hardware store. 

Open your windows Natural is free and it definitely brings in life to the room, so why not use it? By simply opening a few windows, you can get a lot of light into space without using any power. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.