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Home and Lighting – Study Room Lighting

Home and Lighting – Study Room Lighting

Finishing a term paper or reading a book for a test is going to be very difficult under bad lighting. You’ll end up feeling sleepy or your eyes get irritated because there’s not enough light. Working under good lighting can help you finish your task and do it properly. Here are a few tips to help you set the proper lighting for your study room. 

Use cool lighting You can choose from cool and warm tones when picking out any light bulb, even LED bulbs. For a study room, it’s best to stick with a cool-toned bulb since the light is crisp and bright. If you were to use a warm-toned bulb, your eyes will feel relaxed and you might want to rest instead of work. Just remember, cool bulbs are better for the task-oriented room while warm bulbs are great for bedrooms and living rooms. 

Task lights are helpful to have a few task lights, like table lamps or clip-on lights, available. These are a big help when you need more light while working. You can get one of those clip-on lights with LED light bulbs at any school supply or hardware store. 

Open a window You can’t beat natural lighting. So if you’re studying or reading during the day, open a few windows to let the light it. It not only keeps the whole room well lit, it helps you save a ton on the electricity. You can also use thinner curtains so not all of the light gets blocked off. 

Dimmers help with control For more control over the light in the study room, consider getting a dimmer installed. These are small knobs that you can hook up to control the amount of light the bulb gives out. This lets you change the room to a workspace to somewhere you can relax. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.