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LED Lighting – the Newer Brightness is Here

LED Lighting – the Newer Brightness is Here


There have been changes in the LED field

Up until now, LED bulbs have looked fairly unconventional. This is primarily due to the use of flat chip based LEDs that have provided very little in the way of design flexibility.

The newer LEDs

This has left a key part of the market neglected by LEDs, namely fixtures and applications requiring a traditional incandescent or even vintage incandescent look.

All of this has changed recently.

LED filament bulbs look just like their traditional incandescent counterparts thanks to a unique new LED technology that allows for very small LED emitters to be arranged in a linear filament style package. These emitters are then powered using a traditional glass insulated circuit similar to that found in a traditional incandescent bulb. The end result is a bulb that functions and looks virtually identical to an incandescent.

  • The good news

The best part is LED filament bulbs can come in all shapes and sizes just like an incandescent. The filament LEDs can even be made with super warm 2200K colour temperatures or coated glass to provide a vintage look just like original Edison or Marconi style filament bulbs. These bulbs are perfect for restaurants, high-end retail stores, or even homes that wish to show off a fixture where a typical LED just wouldn't look proper.

  • Tell us more good news about LEDs

LED filament bulbs typically have a shorter lifespan than regular LED bulbs with most rated between 15,000 and 40,000 hours but these figures are amazing in comparison to traditional incandescent technology which lasts just 500 to 1000 hours. Like all LED's they use very little electricity as well with 60-watt equivalent filament bulbs using between 7 and 10 watts of power typically. 

  • Why does LED lighting cost more?

Turning an LED into a light bulb requires the integration of some pretty sophisticated technologies. Both the manufacturing process and the materials used are more expensive than traditional light bulbs. Although LED light bulbs and fixtures initially cost more to purchase, the added expense is recovered in energy savings and by avoiding replacement costs.

  • What colours are LED bulbs available in?

Light output is most commonly found in one of three colours, Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. Warm White is usually used in domestic capacities and is the normal colour associated with a standard halogen bulb making the ideal replacement. Cool White is a cooler white colour often associated with fluorescent tubes in offices or retail outlets. Daylight colour is a very white light, almost with a tinge of blue to it, and provides the very best colour rendering.

  • Do LEDs come on immediately or do they need to warm up?

Unlike CFLs, which usually take a few minutes to reach full brightness, LEDs reach full brightness instantaneously.

  • What is an SMD LED?

SMDs (Surface Mounted Device) is the new generation of LED lighting. These bulbs contain SMD chips allowing bulbs to be much brighter than older generations of LED. The LED is soldered directly onto the PCB therefore, requiring less space and improves the thermal connection.

  • What is a COB LED?

Chip on Board (COB) is the most recent development in LED technology using chips with multiple diodes (typically 9, or more). There is no casing with COB technology which enables a much denser LED array of light compared to SMD. A consistent and controlled light beam is given off, without any visible individual light points, thus offering great optics. COB offers a greatly improved lumen per watt ratio compared with other LED technologies such as DIP and SMD. COB technology gives the best conditions for optimal cooling, which in turn will increase efficiency and lengthen the overall life of the lamp.

Where can I go to find this newer brightness?

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