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Why LED Light Bulbs are Safer?

Why LED Light Bulbs are Safer?

The light bulb market has become flooded with a number of power-friendly bulbs. These bulbs are slowly replacing the conventional incandescent bulbs, which are now phased out in a number of cities and countries all over the world.

When choosing the right power friendly bulb, you’re better off picking LEDs or light-emitting diode. These bulbs use the less amount of power, last the longest, and are the safest amongst all the power-friendly bulbs in the market.

Below are the main reasons why LED lights are a safer choice.

They’re Made of Plastic Unlike conventional bulbs like incandescence bulbs and halogens, LED lights are often made out of plastic. This means that they won’t shatter easily in case they fall or still from your hand as you install them.

No more shards of glass to worry about or clean up. It also makes them sturdier, making them a great bulb to use for outdoor lighting.

They Don't Have Poisonous Chemicals Compared to CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps, LED lights don't contain poisonous chemicals. CFLs have a small amount of mercury in them which makes them difficult to recycle and dispose of. In case an LED light breaks, you won’t have to worry about getting exposed to mercury.

They Don’t Heat Up LED light bulbs use a chemical reaction, not a filament, to create light. This makes them produce very little excess heat so they don't heat up even when they have been on for a long time. This lets you use them with light materials like paper and cloth without worrying about a fire hazard.

They Are Recyclable Because of the materials used in making them, LED lights are recyclable.

They’re easier to dispose of, you use less power, and you don't leave a lot of waste when using them.