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Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

The few of us lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our homes know that they’re great for entertaining and hosting summer parties for friends and family. However, many people fail to maximize the decorative potential of their pools, not knowing which lights best illuminate the area. They think placing a few lights under the water and around the pool dock is enough, but there are a few other things to consider. Below are a few tips to help. 

Keep it simple You don’t want to place a lot of lights in your pool. After all, once these burn out, you’ll be tasked to replace it which is a lot of work. Place the lights at the deep end of the pool so the beam spreads a bit more equally. Stick with LED light bulbs since they give out a brighter beam, which is perfect for underwater lighting. You should also place the lights on the side closest to the house to minimize glair. Choose the right beam as well. There are wide and short beamed bulbs which fits any sized swimming pool. 

Colour Although some people would choose common “white” LED bulbs, you can add some life to your swimming pool area with some coloured lights. There are even special lighting systems that come with programmed colour blends and patterns that will turn your swimming pool dock into a beautiful light show. Ask your contractor or landscape artist if they know where you can get these or you can make your own design with coloured underwater light bulbs. 

Safety First Having a swimming pool at home means that you have to make sure the entire outdoor area is lit properly. You need to take extra precaution because you don’t want accidents to happen. The whole swimming pool deck needs to have enough light so people can see where they’re going and avoid falling into the water. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.