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Secrets to Cutting Lighting Costs: How to Use Light Wisely Part 1

When’s the last time you thought long and hard on how to reduce your household’s energy consumption? Did you consider improving your home lighting setup? The truth is that far too many homeowners take their home lighting for granted; after all, just how much thought do you need to put into your light bulbs? As it turns out, lighting can account for at least 10 per cent of your home’s entire electricity consumption, and while that may seem like a negligible percentage, you’d be a dummy not to do anything to bring that number down, what with the many measures you can take to reduce your home lighting costs. As a manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting solutions, we at LiquidLEDs would of course strongly recommend that you switch to LED bulbs, but if you can’t, there are still ways to use light wisely. 

Switch On When In Use, Switch Off When Not You’ve probably heard of the school of thought that says it’s not good to frequently switch your light bulbs on and off. While it’s true that doing so will eventually degrade your light bulb’s lifespan (usually the case in incandescent bulbs and fluorescents), the energy saving benefits of switching off your lights when they’re not in use far outweigh any cons. Your light bulb might indeed burn out from all that switching between on and off, but the cost of replacing light bulbs still ends up being cheaper than the costs incurred on your electric bill. 

Using Dimming Controllers Dimmers can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your home, even if most consumers simply think of them as a cool way to use your lights. Dimmers, however, are much more useful than that, since they allow you to have control over how much electricity your light bulbs use. Don’t need that much light in the living room or kitchen? Simply turn down the lights to have your desired lighting levels.