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How to Pick Out the Right LED Downlight

LED downlights have undoubtedly become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses looking for a better and bright lighting solution thanks to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. With the wide range of downlights available on the market, it can be confusing to pick out the right lamps that will replace your halogens and CFLs. If you’re looking to buy a set of LED downlights just like our Philips MR16 LED, below is a simple guild to help you narrow down your search. 

Beam Angle This refers to the spread of light from the ceiling. The new 7 Watt Philips MR16 LED gives you 2 beam angle options, 36 degrees and 60 degrees. Check on the image below for easier comparison:

Colour Temperature When it comes to colour temperature, it all boils down to preference and the intended use of the downlight. Some people prefer to use cool white (around 4,000K) bulbs for task-oriented spaces like the laundry room or kitchen. Warm white bulbs (3,200K) on the other hand, are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms because they’re more relaxing. It’s best to stick with one colour per space because mixing colours is going to irritate the eyes and it’s distracting. The Philips Master MR16 LED downlights comes in both cool white and warm white colour temps. Refer to the image below for easy reference.

Dimmable Features If you want to be able to control how bright your light it, you can get a dimmer installed. Dimmers can let you make the bulbs as bright as you want or tone it down to the desired light output. This would be a perfect feature for many homes and commercial applications like the bedroom or a shop.   To wrap it up, when you pick a downlight, make sure you come equipped with what you really need or want especially when it comes to the beam angle, colour temperature and the light output (lumens count). Of course, we're just a call away if you need any further help: 1800 744 706 Weekdays 9 am to 5 pm EST