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The Dangers of Energy Efficient Bulbs (CFL)


Traditional and compact fluorescent lights are now being marketed as an energy efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs. While these light bulbs consume less energy they have safety issues that make them dangerous to use in the home. Due to this, LED light is the best option for consumers that are looking for a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting.  

The biggest danger associated with fluorescent lighting is the mercury in the light bulb. While the light is operating, the mercury inside it is in vapour form. Mercury vapours are so dangerous that exposure to them is considered life-threatening.

Small doses of mercury can result in brain damage and many other severe medical conditions. If a fluorescent bulb breaks there are many issues to deal with.

Firstly breakage can result in injuries from shrapnel. Anyone exposed to the vapours released during breakage will have their health put at risk. If the glass makes contact with the skin of adults, children or pets, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Any wound that has phosphor in it is prone to blood clotting. The clean up process after a broken bulb is complicated and time-consuming. LED light bulbs are a great alternative to both traditional bulbs and energy efficient fluorescent lighting. 

LED bulbs are energy efficient and they last a long time. These bulbs have a lifespan that is 50-100 times longer than that of an incandescent bulb. These bulbs are also durable besides being longer lasting. This means that they can remain up for at least a year or two.

The benefit that this feature provides is that users no longer have to change bulbs on a regular basis. Best of all, users will save a large amount of money on their electricity bill over the next few years. It's time to bring about a change.

Light is life and it's an evolution long overdue. With the emphasis on environmentally friendly technology on the rise, LiquidLEDs injects a new technology that curtails the electricity consumption while emulating a richer quality light. 

LED light bulbs come with a green promise to remain safe for the environment during and after use. Its effective technology is soothing for eyes and keeps your sight clear and stress free, even after tens of hours of concentration.

As a socially responsible being, you might want to add value where you can to mark a difference in the environment in which you work or live.

Responsible and aware you will represent a win/win scenario to increase profits by reducing the energy cost while making your environment energy efficient and healthy.